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Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate injection

Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate for injection

Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate for Injection is a medication containing a hydrolysate of brain proteins. It is primarily known for its potential neuroprotective and neurotrophic properties. Let’s delve into more details:

  • Uses:

    • Stroke: Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate is used in the treatment of stroke. It helps speed up the recovery process in patients who have undergone a stroke. By decreasing brain damage, promoting healing, and enhancing overall health, it plays a crucial role in stroke management.
    • Head Injury: In cases of head injury, where damage to the brain may cause further complications, Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate assists in healing damaged tissues. It is usually given for a longer duration to improve patient condition.
    • Alzheimer’s Disease: Additionally, Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate has been explored for its potential benefits in Alzheimer’s disease. It improves learning, memory, and cognitive function in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease, making daily activities easier and enhancing their quality of life12.
  • How It Works:

    • Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate works on the brain by repairing nerve cells and improving their survival. Its neuroprotective properties contribute to healing and maintaining brain health.
    • While using this medication, most side effects do not require medical attention and tend to disappear as the body adjusts. Common side effects include headache, nausea, vertigo, sweating, fever, anxiety, hallucination, confusion, agitation, and flu-like symptoms1.

Remember to consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice regarding the use of Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate for Injection. If you have any specific questions or need further information, feel free to ask! 😊12

Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate for injection

  • Strengths

    60 mg

  • Container

    Glass Vial

  • Use

    Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate for injection

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