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Phenobarbital Injection manufacturer

Phenobarbital is used to control seizures. Phenobarbital is also used to relieve anxiety.

Phenobarbital Injection, also known as Phenobarbitone Injection, belongs to a class of medicines called barbiturates. Let’s explore its key aspects:

  • Purpose and Mechanism of Action:

    • Phenobarbital is primarily used to treat and prevent epilepsy (seizures).
    • It also has hypnotic properties, meaning it slows down brain activity and can induce sleepiness or dizziness.
    • The injection is administered in a hospital or clinical setting under the supervision of a doctor or nurse12.
  • Administration and Dosage:

    • Phenobarbital injection is given intravenously (IV) during surgery or specific medical situations.
    • Regular administration helps maintain a consistent level of medicine in the body.
    • Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and continue the treatment until advised otherwise1.
  • Common Side Effects:

    • Some common side effects include:
      • Drowsiness
      • Nausea
      • Diarrhea
      • Hyperactivity
      • Depression
      • Confusion
      • Decreased blood pressure
      • Fatigue
      • Headache
      • Dizziness
      • Constipation
      • Excitement
      • Hangover1
  • How Phenobarbital Works:

    • Phenobarbital controls seizures by increasing the action of GABA, a chemical messenger that suppresses abnormal nerve cell activity in the brain2.
  • Safety Precautions:

    • Avoid alcohol consumption while using Phenobarbital.
    • It is unsafe during pregnancy due to potential risks to the developing baby.
    • Long-term use may cause joint pain1.

Remember to consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice regarding Phenobarbital Injection. If you have any specific concerns or need further information, feel free to ask! 🌿🌟

Phenobarbital Injection

  • Strengths


  • Fill Volumes

    1 ml

  • Container

    Glass Ampoule

  • Use

    Phenobarbital is used to control seizures. Phenobarbital is also used to relieve anxiety.

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