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From India to the World: Farbe Firma’s Export Excellence

Top Pharmaceutical exporter

As we approach the mid-year mark of 2024, we at Farbe Firma Pvt Ltd are proud to share our significant strides in the global pharmaceutical market. Our dedication to quality and excellence has propelled us into the top ranks of exporters from India, showcasing our growth and commitment.

Here’s a snapshot of our achievements till May 2024:

  • 5th Largest Exporter to Cyprus

  • Top 60 Exporter to Cameroon, Jordan, and Rwanda

  • Leading Exporter within the top 75 to Bolivia and Peru

  • Ranked 90th in DR Congo

  • 100th Largest Exporter to Ethiopia

Our presence is also felt in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and beyond, with direct export figures that speak volumes of our reach and impact.

To our esteemed stakeholders, your unwavering support fuels our journey towards excellence. We remain steadfast in our promise to deliver the best quality injectable products.

Join us as we continue to set benchmarks in the pharmaceutical industry.


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